Work from Home Earning Options in METAVERSE!

Akshat Shrivastava
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►Discord Link: Reach out on Twitter: _______________________________________________________ ►For personalized classes on stock markets and cryptocurrencies, please check: _______________________________________________________ The world is changing rapidly and so is the job market. Work from home became a norm after the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s likely to stay as a part of our lives now. But this culture will also evolve as we transverse from physical verse to metaverse. What will jobs look like in metaverse? And how can you make the best use of such opportunities? Watch the video till the end to find out 🙂 0:00 Intro 02:02 First Opportunity 09:09 Second Opportunity 13:31 Third Opportunity *********************** Sign up for my Newsletter ► Linkedin► Twitter► Instagram► Telegram► *********************** Attributions: Stock videos from Pixabay and Pexels Logos: Wikipedia Commons Video Editing: Vallabh Salgaonkar Thumbnail: Ayushman Khare


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