What is the Metaverse? Explained in 4 Minutes

Omar Ghanem
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Looking for more content? Suggest the next topic & subscribe! Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/justomar77 Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/omarghanem77 —————- Navigate the Video 00:14 What is the Metaverse? 01:13 Why the sudden hype? (Meta) 02:02 Is Facebook (Meta) the first in this space? 02:28 As a gamer, this isn’t new 02:48 Metaverse Potential & Business Opportunities 03:02 Facebook’s going to 10x Metaverse Mass Adoption #Metaverse #TheMetaverse #Cryptocurrency —————- ► Video Notes: The Metaverse has been the talk of global news channels and has been receiving a lot of hype recently – but what exactly is… the metaverse? The term was coined by sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson back in the 90s to describe a virtual world people escape to from a dystopian real world. A future where we live a larger % of our lives in the digital world rather than the physical world. Which, when you think about it… doesn’t seem too far away. Today, people care more about how they look on Instagram than in real life. Everyone tries much harder to sound more professional on Linkedin rather than in their daily conversations. Everyone has this online persona that they often, unfortunately, care more about than their own real-life personality. We’re spending more than 50% of our days on Zoom calls, FaceTime, and social media – so we’re kind of already, technically, by definition – living in the early stages of the metaverse. So, if the term started back in the 90s and we’ve got blockbuster films like “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” based on some version of this new virtual world – why the sudden hype? The answer is Mark Zuckerburg. A few weeks ago, the Founder of Facebook shared with the world his plans to turn Facebook’s focus on, what he called, the future evolution of social media – the metaverse. Zuckerburg explained that the shift will take users from flat profile pictures and zoom screens on a grid to life-like virtual experiences where you can physically feel like you’re in the same room with someone online and have your meetings in virtual offices across virtual tables. However, despite making news headlines, Facebook isn’t the first in this space. Projects like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and the majority of the crypto & NFT space have been working on building the metaverse for many years. You can customize your avatar, buy land, build a house, buy & sell resources or even go to a Snoop Dogg concert all from the comfort of your own home. As a gamer, this sounds pretty standard to me because Minecraft, Runescape, GTA and many of the games we all grew up playing had elements or different takes on the metaverse – but for everyone else, this is HUGE. Imagine putting your brand up on virtual billboards, owning land & buildings, sponsoring virtual events, collaborating with influencers virtually, and integrating your brand within a new virtual world with endless possibilities. It’s a blue ocean and we’re super, super early. With Facebook’s announcement and adoption, the virtual reality, augmented reality & metaverse space are going to see much more mass adoption, much sooner. Facebook brings to the table a network of over 1 billion users who, once onboarded into this new reality, will surely speed up the transition process and evolution of social media & our digital lives. We can’t surely know when the switch will happen, or when will this virtual world truly come to fruition yet – but what we do know, is that we’re already at the early stages of something truly phenomenal; an entirely new world and a completely different reality built on top of our own. —————- Content was filmed by Create Media Group. ► DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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