What Is The Metaverse? A deep dive into the brave

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What Is The Metaverse? I’m sure you’ve heard the term thrown around a ton recently. And with facebook going as far as rebranding to meta, we all know the big money is moving in. But what exactly is the Metaverse? Some see the Metaverse not as a place but as a time, the time where our “digital lives” start becoming as important as our actual “real” lives… In Part one of this deep dive into what the Metaverse actually is Aaron Davis and Luke Lango come together to discuss what the “Metaverse” is, what technologies are coming together to create the Metaverse, and what companies are building the Metaverse as we speak. And of course We’ll give you some tips on how to play the Meteverse expansion for massive gains! So what is the Metaverse? tune in and see, and make sure you come back next week for Part 2!


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