Welcome to my Metaverse (Channel Trailer 2022)

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Sorry Zuck but we been there and we are DOING IT! Welcome to my YouTube channel, my name is Draxtor and I like to conflate the term “Metaverse” with Second Life. I have been actively documenting the vibrant culture of SL for a long long time via short videos, long form documentaries, commissioned work, podcasts and appearances in the mainstream media. I shall not stop evangelizing just because – as of a few years ago – various folks are trying to convince us that a headset is required to interface with the digital realm before you can call it virtual reality. I go with Professor Tom Boellstorff’s distinction between digital and physical world anyways … So: I sincerely hope you enjoy my stuff from past, present and future including the music. Unless otherwise noted all music cues are written, performed and produced by yours truly. Please subscribe to youtube.com/draxtor and do consider becoming a member. Comment and hit me with your takes about this, that and the other thing! See you in-world! (Addendum: please take note that part of my “day job” is producing videos for the official SL channels so you will find more stuff over at http://youtube.com/secondlife)


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