Top Metaverse Coins on KuCoin

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What is a metaverse? It’s a digital interactive world where you can do the same things (or close to it) that you would in the real world. If you want to learn what is metaverse crypto, this video is about the metaverse crypto explained. We look at digital worlds and metaverse crypto games. Let us know in the comments which metaverse you think will be “THE metaverse crypto of 2022”. Timestamps: 00:00 New Kucoin Gems 01:21 What is a metaverse 03:36 Bloktopia Review (BLOK coin) 07:24 Remark Review (RMRK coin) 10:16 Sandbox Review (SAND coin) 13:36 Vulcan Forged Review (PYR coin) #BLOK #RMRK #SAND #PYR Kucoin Referral: (20% off trading fees)


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