This haptic glove lets you feel the virtual reality metaverse

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Haptic gloves have been around for years, allowing you to ‘feel’ objects in virtual reality. But most of these haptic accessories are difficult to set up, need to be wired to your VR system, require additional tech and are eye-wateringly expensive. We recently tested the SenseGlove Nova, a pair of haptic gloves which are different in that they work with standalone headsets (like the Oculus Quest 2), don’t require a lengthy set-up process and don’t need wires either. Sold as part of a development package for cutting edge VR brands that starts at €3,999, these gloves are still expensive and (sorry) not made for at-home use, at least not yet. But they could represent a step forward in making VR not only look real but feel real, delivering a more immersive experience. This step could significantly impact the VR future that many major tech companies are betting big on over the next decade. Read more –


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