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VRChat is better, and that’s what this video is secretly about. I do a bit of clickbaiting, lol Discord: Twitter: Twitch: The year is 2022 (if you’re in the future just imagine I said whatever current year it is), and with the advent of VR finally being made available to the mainstream public at a reasonable price, large companies previously uninterested in this “fad” as they thought it, are now suddenly willing to invest millions into this. As a consumer this isn’t a terrible thing just yet, with the amount of money pouring into the industry we’re going to see some crazy games come out in the near future, with mechanics and gameplay completely revolutionary to the platform. The issue starts to come in the further future, once Facebook, or sorry my bad, Meta, is able to launch it’s Metaverse platform in a complete state. Not entirely because of the concept behind the metaverse, but because the metaverse is already thing you can hop on right now, and it honestly looks a lot better than whatever they’re trying to sell to us. If you’re a normal person who decides to walk outside on a daily basis unlike myself, you might be thinking, “what the is a metaverse”, stupid. But on a more serious note the metaverse is meant to be a space inside of VR where you can host or attend a multitude of activities. Hang out with your friends, attend business meetings, and even shop. I have many issues surrounding a lot of this, but one of the biggest issues I have with this is that, this platform already exists, and it’s doing the “Metaverse” concept a lot better than this billion dollar company. Vrchat is a completely free game on steam, and is nearly exactly what I described above. It’s a virtual space to hangout with your friends, minus the business meetings or going shopping, which might sound like a con but why would I ever want to shop in virtual reality, or attend a business meeting in virtual reality. Ok a business meeting in Vrchat would be the funniest thing in the world though. Could you imagine showing up and one of your coworkers walks in with a massive, highly detailed custom commissioned furry model with 1000 dynamic bones, and shaders that make your eyes bleed, and then just proceeds to sit down like everything is completely normal. Now while I would normally take a minute to give a quick rundown of what happens in a game, like the gameplay, narrative, movement, anything really, I kind of lied when I said VRChat is a “game”. Like don’t get me wrong yes it’s technically “a game played by electronically manipulating images by a computer program” I don’t really view it as a game, and instead I look at it more as just, a space, or more like a collection of memories with my friends. I mentally prepare myself to get on VRChat the same way I do when I go hangout with my friends in real life. Once I’m on VRChat I can do a multitude of things, but my favorite is to kinda just people watch. Like if I’m on by myself people just start having conversations about stupid stuff around me I could hop on VRChat right now, and it’s a guaranteed 50/50 split on whether I’d have one of the funniest nights spent at my computer in my life, or just be immediately bored out of my mind, and it’s really just down to the people you meet and where you decide to go. VRChat is separated into a bunch of worlds, that you can browse and join to hang out in. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it some of these worlds aren’t looking too hot, I won’t lie, but there are a few that look beautiful. Look, there’s even a spot for me to advertise my videos. And all of these are usually made by either a small team of people, or sometimes just one dude, and for them to genuinely look this, “cozy”, when billion dollar companies struggle to make their clothing store look even mildly inviting in a 3D space, is honestly embarrassing. Like look at this, they uploaded this and gave it this big ol’ announcement trailer with sweeping panning shots as if it actually looked good. VRChat isn’t all hanging out though, there’s also plenty of worlds you can join that host games to play with others in VR. There’s places to UNO, connect four, minigolf, hell there’s an entire world where you can play among us in VR. The quality varies, once again these are usually made by small tight knit teams of people, or even just one person, so I won’t be too harsh, but one of the horror maps I played with some friends absolutely blew. We started with like seven people, and it was fun for a total of 5 minutes before we completely lost track of where we were supposed to go or what we were supposed to do. Eventually we managed to complete the map, 2 hours later, and not without the help of multiple different youtube playthroughs. We also may have lost all but 2 of us, me included, but we won, and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.


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