The Metaverse is Coming

Max Maher
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What is the Metaverse? Join the Patreon Before it Fills: Kucoin exchange: Free Discord Link: Grab one of the FIRST Bitcoin credit cards: Learn how I earn $50,000+ per month on YouTube: LIMITED: Get 2 FREE Stocks: My in-depth moving company course: ALL of my camera and recording equipment: ️Join my newsletter: “The metaverse is coming,” By now you’ve probably heard about it a hundred times Usually this is about games… which apply NFT technology to tokenize in-game property, but it goes far beyond this. This could impact everyone who uses the internet… which is basically everyone. The all-caps “METAVERSE” seems to be the trendy thing to talk about right now.. But there’s an issue. Very few sources explain what it actually is… Or what it’s going to mean for the kind of world we could be living in, in just under a decade. Because the metaverse.. if OR when it becomes mainstream, is more than just watching a Travis Scott concert inside Fortnite. Bigger than buying NFT land for more than… real land Metaverse Explained Metaverse gaming Metaverse in real life Crypto news Facebook Metaverse What is Facebook Metaverse My Instagram: Schedule one-on-one business consulting with me here: *I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice*


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