The Metaverse Is About to Change Your Brain

Visual Venture
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The Metaverse Is About to Change Your Brain The future is coming. But is it gonna be a bright one? In the metaverse you’ll be able to experience an endless virtual world where you can do things you only once dreamed about. It supposedly will bring people together and you’ll be able to hang out with friends as if they’re there in front of you and what used to be boring lectures from your professors will soon be hands-on and immersive. what could possibly go wrong? What happens to your brain when you mesh virtual reality with real life? In the metaverse, our real life will merge with virtual reality. It’s not only the future of gaming, but the future of how we will live our daily lives. I am visual venture. I will teach you psychology in a visually appealing way. Popular videos nowadays don’t teach you anything. But in every one of my videos, I guarantee, you will learn about the psychology of the human mind and human behavior to become 1% better every day. If you subscribe, I will be happy & you will be smarter. Recommended Playlist: Your Brain After 372 Days Without Social Media: My YouTube inspirations are Aperture, Pursuit of Wonder, Disrupt, & School of Life. I know this is useless information to you haha. Just wanna let you know what drives me to make these videos. Join us and let’s change the world together. Visual Venture.


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