The metaverse: Hyundai shares its vision at CES ’22 |

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The Metaverse is a hot topic these days and its getting hotter since Hyundai revealed its vision of ways to engage it. Woodie Lesesne steps into the metaverse to build her Avatar, hook up her pad and interact with new friends. She also will take you through a virtual test drive in the nimble MOBIS. in this episode you’ll watch the Hyundai Mobis and its new wheeled technology at CES. This battery-electric two-seater can be used for sharing services and as a delivery vehicle with fuel cell propulsion. The innovation is a part of its new Plug & Drive (PnD) platform. Hyundai Mobis allows all four wheels to turn 90 degrees with two versions designed as futuristic pods. The M.Vision POP EV is known to be a battery-electric two-seater for car-sharing applications. The M.Vision 2GO is based on the same platform as the two-seater, but as mentioned, it is 60 centimetres longer and has a fuel cell drive. Hyundai Mobis states a range of up to 200 kilometres and a cargo volume of about 600 litres. #Hyundai #Metaverse #CES #Mobis #BeyondInsight #Infocustv


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