The Evil Business of the Metaverse

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There’s a side to metaverse that you should know about… Invest in blue-chip art for the very first time by signing up for Masterworks: Purchase shares in great masterpieces from artists like Pablo Picasso, Banksy, Andy Warhol, and more. See important Masterworks disclosures: TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 – Living in the metaverse by 2030 01:40 – Walking into the metaverse 06:48 – Masterworks 08:06 – Total Power 13:28 – The Metaverse Rabbit Hole 16:35 – Neuralink 20:01 – The End Game The Metaverse will bring about a new age of crypto trading, business, NFT’s, and investing. But there is another side to the Metaverse….. This video goes over the metaverse and what it means for religion, economics, business and society. There is lots of money and wealth to be made which is why Justin Bieber performed in the Metaverse and Snoop Dog is buying up land in the metaverse. This is how Metaverse makes money. So watch as I explain the truth behind Facebook’s meta rebranding and why Metaverse is bad.


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