Should You Fear The Metaverse? VR Pioneer Explains

More Perfect Union
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Augmented reality pioneer Louis Rosenberg warns that the Metaverse could be far worse for society than social media. Major corporations are spending billions to bring the Metaverse to consumers. They envision a world where virtual and augmented reality will touch all aspects of our lives, from shopping and socializing to business and education. There is no doubt, the Metaverse is coming… and yes, it will be magical. But at the same time, it could greatly distort our world, spreading misinformation and polarizing society far worse than any form of media to date. It’s not the technology that’s dangerous. It’s the prospect that large corporations will be able to use the Metaverse to manipulate our experiences on behalf of the highest bidder, persuading us in ways that will make social media seem quaint. But it’s not too late. Louis Rosenberg explains what we need to do. —– More Perfect Union is a new nonprofit media org with a mission to empower working people. Learn more here: Follow us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


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