Should You Buy Real Estate In The Metaverse?

Bridger Pennington
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Make sure you grab tickets to Fund Launch Live 2022 ($150 Off) Get your tickets here: For today’s episode, we have the man himself Dave Allred on for an interview In this episode, we talk about buying real estate in the metaverse, buying real estate in the physical world (hehe), what it means to achieve financial freedom, and much more! Make sure you follow Dave on instagram @daveallred and also check out Axia Partners website – Need more help starting your fund? Watch our free training here: Join our free Facebook group here: Book a free ‘fund’ strategy call here: ================================ Subscribe Now For Weekly Investment Fund Secrets ================================ ABOUT BRIDGER PENNINGTON Bridger is the founder of Black Bridge Holdings – A privately run debt fund that has done over 290 deals in 38 states over the last 2 years. Instagram:


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