Shades of Metaverse| Metaspace: Making Holi 2022 a Meta Experience!

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Transcending borders, bridging boundaries, bringing sisters closer together…that’s the kind of celebration we strive for! On the occasion of Holi, we at MetaSpace plan to go beyond planet earth for our #Metanoids. Take a look at what it’s like to enjoy the ‘festival of colors’ at Space! Holi in Metaverse!! ️ Register at: ️ For latest updates, subscribe to our channel: ================================== ️ WHAT IS METASPACE? Metaspace is a virtual 3D metaverse world in which people can play , dance , meet , study , work and interact with each other by creating their own avatars . One of the unique features of this metaspace is that it includes its own play to earn game. You can, therefore, earn money apart from just chatting with your friends in this virtual space. It will also have a special nft based game in which you can purchase assets in the form of nft and trade them any time to other players. You can also purchase avatars or create your own avatar in the form of nft. Metaspace’s website is live now! For registration, tap on link: We are also running a Giveaway worth 3000 Meta Lord tokens! Enter now to win big! ================================== ️ Join our community: * Website – *Instagram- * Discord – * Twitter – * Telegram – * All Links –


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