Selestium Metaverse: Environments Teaser #1

Revolve Games
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This is the first in the series of Selestium Metaverse environments teasers, leading up to our full land reveal. Krolishta is host to 10 different Biomes, each biome has it’s own set of benefits and resources. For example; desert offers increased sand and glass resource mining, as well as more effective solar energy harnessing. Tropical environments contain higher amounts of fruit and wood resources. Grasslands are fertile lands for cultivating food and are also used for mining basic resources such as ore and trees.🪐 Biomes can have pre-established artifacts and dungeons which increase their value and excitement. But either an Artifact or Dungeons are very rare. Artifacts are unique objects in the world that unlock research, skills, materials, or boosters depending on the rarity of the artifact. In addition, by finding certain artifacts around the galaxy you will trigger the “Set effect”. This may unlock a second hidden resource such as skill or research. See you in the stars!


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