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JOIN US Royal Rooftop Club is a private members-only club consisting of innovative technologists, bringing exclusive NFTs and metaverse projects that’s ever been witnessed in Dubai to interested investors worldwide. Our NFTs is a collection of 2775 Arts with 101 DOUBLE AGENT traits involving Dubai’s undisclosed finest billionaires. Royal Rooftop Club NFTs platform was developed out of the demand from some notable billionaires in Dubai who wish to participate in the NFTs industry. Our NFTs consist of limited NFT collection where the token doubles and serves as holder’s membership to a metaverse portal where they will have access to rooftop clubs, auctions, royalty investment and meetings in the metaverse. Royal Rooftop Club NFTs include our spirit animal’s unique trait, “Cheetah,” holding Dubai plate numbers. The general knowledge of plate numbers in Dubai is that a single number symbolizes wealth, prestige, status for the A-list. “His Highness Sheikh Mohammed (Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai owns number 1 and the latest owner of the trendy luxury piece, Balwinder Sahni “Abu Sabah” got this special number 5 after rounds of fierce bidding and was acquired for $9 million for one of his 6 luxury Rolls Royce vehicles. The recognition that comes with Dubai’s plate number is not applicable in the Royal rooftop club. Anyone who gets the NFT with plate number one (1) will pay the same amount as one who gets 250. The only advantage the holder of plate number 1 NFT has over others is when selling off the NFT on NFTs platform like OpenSea, which might attract the attention of high net-worth individuals. But on the Royal rooftop club, all our NFTs holders are given the same privileges. Whitelisted members will be able to mint up to two (2) NFTs , as opposed to the general minting, which will only mint one (1) NFTs. Part of our mission is to connect and help those in need that are going through a struggle. To support this, we are pledging 100 percent of our auctions to NOOR DUBAI FOUNDATION & INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RESCUE, with full transparency. Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit is our best chance for economic progress. Therefore, 3 major giveaways below, are being pledged to our members post mint cycle with full transparancy. Join us on #Nft #metaverse #dubainft


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