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Stay focused with a peaceful body and mind by attending yoga sessions in the Arkycia metaverse from your home. Yoga helps to manage the stress and anxiety as well as keeps you relaxed. Regular yoga practices will bring together the physical and mental disciplines for attaining a peaceful body and mind. Attend your yoga classes regularly without stepping out from your home! The VR technology enables us to open up with new possibilities, keeping aside the limits of the real-world. The VR headset will give the futuristic visualization of the world in the Arkycia metaverse. The Arkycia metaverse is a new virtual world that aims to fill the gap between people’s interactions. A futuristic virtual world that will transform how we communicate and how we work on a daily basis. As a virtual human, or an avatar, enter the Arkycia metaverse. Make your own avatar in the most up-to-date and impressive fashion. Dress up in a trendy way with a wide range of customizing possibilities. Organize and conduct all your yoga sessions for your lovable students in your virtual yoga studio. Purchase land as NFT anywhere in the world in the Arkycia metaverse. Build yoga studio/Centre with best interior designs with the existing models or create your own design with customization offers. Set your studio to give a peaceful and relaxing space for your dear students. Open your virtual yoga studio anywhere in the virtual world and as many branches in various locations too. Take your sessions to the global audience in the Arkycia metaverse. Invite all your students to the virtual yoga studio and interact with them better as virtual AI meta human. Guide the Arkycian’s the best yoga practices to strengthen and relax their mind and soul. #metaverse #arkyciametaverse #virtualyoga #VRtechnology #VR #virtualreality #virtualworld #virtualland Website — Whitepaper –… Connect With Us! Facebook:… Twitter: Telegram:


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