Onteco™, the metaverse on Mars

Onteco Mars
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Onteco is the first digital twin of a future self-sufficient settlement on Mars, which allows you to travel in time and space to experience how we could live on Mars decades from now. Onteco is the term in Esperanto that creates the concept of “future”. Esperanto was invented as a language to unite all cultures. Life on Mars will be a melting pot of people where borders will not exist. Onteco represents a near future where humans from all backgrounds live in self-sufficient and sustainable cities on Mars. Onteco is a virtual world where you can experience living on Mars and where you can play, own and monetize your virtual Mars assets. We empower scientists, artists, content creators, and players to explore an immersive experience in a platform that will allow them to witness today what will exist in the future. Onteco was initially created by ABIBOO Studio, the globally acclaimed architectural firm speciating in space architecture and digital environments. ABIBOO Studio led the architectural design of the city of Nüwa, created along with SONet, a multidisciplinary group of global scientists. ABIBOO Studio’s most recent digital work has been Akoro, a collaboration with Louis Vuitton to celebrate the 200th birthday of the brand’s founder. ABIBOO Studio’s founder, Alfredo Munoz, has been among the Youngest European Leaders (EYL40). In addition, he is the Chair of Memberships at the Technical Committee of Space Architecture at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Onteco’s current team combines proven experience in space structures, technology and immersive simulations that allow us to create interactive 3D environments that will constitute a valuable part of a future metaverse on Mars. You can visit us at https://onteco.com/


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