[NIPA] Korea Metaverse Festival & K-Metaverse Expo 2021_ Review Clip

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Learn more https://www.nipa.kr/eng/index.do ________________________ Main Features: 1) Innovative A place to create new added values such as digital transformation and the development and use of XR technology and to establish business innovation. 2) Convergence Metaverse is a venue for exchanges to create synergies between industries and focus on new industries of the next-generation industrial revolution triggered by ICT convergence. 3) Specialization As Korea’s No. 1 professional exhibition in the virtual reality field, it is an experience-oriented exhibition that considers the characteristics of metaverse and XR content products. 4) Ecosystem Metaverse is the best metaverse business platform construction and opportunity as business-to-business exchange and collaboration itself. 5) Eco Friendly Metaverse is a super-intelligent-superconnected-super-convergence society, and exhibitions are eco-friendly exhibitions-environmental donations-environmental campaign creation. #Metaverse #KMF2021 #KME2021


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