New Cardano (ADA ) Metaverse

Army of Spies
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The Cardano (ADA) ecosystem is ready for a full-on, full-speed metaverse in the purest sense of that word. We’ve gone past the point where watered down versions will suffice. ———————————————————- Official Hardware Wallet–Ledger Nano►► Official Army of Spies Shirts & Hoodies►► Official Fresh Roasted Coffee from Africa, Central America, & Asia►► Disclosure: Some product links are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. ———————————————————- Timestamps►► 0:00 Intro 1:26 2021–Year of the Metaverse 2:36 New York Times Plus Zuckerberg 4:03 Origin of the Metaverse 3:49 Brand Appeal of Metaverse Concept 4:12 Snow Crash 4:44 First uses of Metaverse 7:23 Current use of Metaverse 8:49 NFT Marketing and the Metaverse 10:48 Flirting with the Fringes 11:58 We Need a Cardano Metaverse 12:47 Crypto is a Whole Parallel Societal Structure 15:15 We already do it in 2D 16:26 A 3D Location for Cardano ———————————————————- Companion Reddit thread ►► ———————————————————- Complete list of previously covered items ►► ———————————————————- TWITTER ►► REDDIT ►► WEBSITE ►► ———————————————————- #Cardano #ADA #cryptocurrency


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