New Avalanche NFT Metaverse just launched $CRAFT 1000x potential the

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AVAX ecosystem is now the 11th biggest crypto and coins launching on it have huge potential. Tutorial on how to buy AVAX and CRAFT and bridge tokens from any blockchain using anyswap app. Talecraft game explained, what is the roadmap and what is new about it. Timestamp 0:00 Talecraft 46% today 0:38 Using anyswap bridge app to add different blockchains to your metamask 1:03 Withdrawing AVAX from Binance to Metamask 3:58 Bridging tokens with anyswap bridge 4:41 Buying craft token using Pangolin exchange 5:35 History of evolutions in crypto explained 6:23 What is talecraft and its website 10:40 Talecraft roadmap Staying connected: Check out my social pages and my new music here add me to your playlists : 1) Press, like, share and hit the notification bell here 2) Exclusive access to help to create wealth and discounts on my books through joining telegram group or subscribe to pre-order my book called ‘You Are Rich’ by texting this to whatsapp number +44 7926 672628. 3) Purchase Divine Wholeness on amazon, or kindle by searching Jonathan Lilley Divine Wholeness or check out my website which also includes free information that can change your life:… 4) Free money available – You can get over 50 pounds free on Coinbase just by watching 2 minute videos and then change them for Bitcoin if you like or withdraw the money. You can also get up to 100 pound free on trading 212 (this is for stocks and investing you can get dividends on this account, coinbase is for crypto like bitcoin, ethereum, chainlink, uniswap etc). Cryptocurrency Accounts: For Binance invite code For invite code For Coinbase invite code click this link: – Stock Market Accounts include tax-free accounts: For Trading 212 invite code (stocks click this link: –… Comment for more detail.


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