my first metaverse architecture competition

Bryan Ye
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EDIT: I won the Creator Prize ($1000) lesssgo i registered in a metaverse architecture competition hosted by mona. so in this video i’ll be showing you my first build in a real “metaverse” setting. NOW LISTED ON OPENSEA: _______________________________________ 00:00 – intro 01:14 – walkthrough 05:45 – design process 08:09 – ending _______________________________________ my monaverse build: again, i’m not sponsored by mona. but anyway here’s their website: _______________________________________ Music used: LoPo Bunny: _______________________________________ If you enjoyed, please like, comment and perhaps subscribe, it’s free ಥ_ಥ _______________________________________ follow me: instagram – @_bryanye @_telstar —————————————————————- JOIN DISCORD: —————————————————————- #architecture #metaverse #monaverse


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