MWC 2022: Qualcomm’s wireless technology is enabling the metaverse

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At MWC 2022, Qualcomm showcases advanced wireless research on technology enabling augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cloud gaming. Utilizing on-device processing, cloud compute, and a low-latency 5G connection, there are endless capabilities for different applications. At Qualcomm, we continue to focus on new use cases for 5G, with an important one being boundless AR. While a long-term vision for the metaverse is to allow for 5G-powered AR glasses that are capable of a direct cloud connection, a short-term solution uses Wi-Fi powered AR glasses that communicates with the cloud using a 5G phone or laptop. In this demo, we showcase optimizations on a prototype boundless AR system. More specifically, the motion-to-render-to-photon latency (M2R2P) process is explained. 5G and Wi-Fi round trip times are key components of the M2R2P process. The demo tackles a challenging scenario and highlights how our system-level latency optimizations greatly improve boundless AR experiences. 5G cloud gaming is another essential use case that we are demoing. For a smooth user experience, gaming requires minimal latency from the user’s input to the updated game experience. This process is referred to as controller-to-render-to-photon latency (C2R2P). If the user is experiencing a high 5G round-trip time, it can lead to a poor user experience, and our end-to-end latency optimizations reduce latency spikes for a better experience. Qualcomm also developed a 5G AI API for Gaming that helps combat buffering. It helps applications dynamically adapt to changing network conditions. Gamers can anticipate smooth video with better image quality and lower frame drop rate. The third demo shows how 5G mmWave can be used for object sensing, which is essential for the metaverse where devices need to be able to understand the physical world. For this specific objective, we demonstrate collective sensing, a process in which the network and devices work together to determine the location of the device-free object. The system utilizes 5G positioning techniques and RF sensing to determine location. Seamlessly merging the physical with the digital world is a key component of the metaverse. The last demo highlights the role of wireless in enabling the metaverse, which expands beyond just data communications. Our vision is to optimize the wireless system for secure services beyond data such as positioning, ranging, and time-resiliency applications. Qualcomm Technologies is enabling the metaverse with cutting-edge research and industry leading products. More from MWC 2022: Continue to watch MWC2022 demos & videos: Read more about how we’re preparing for the Metaverse: Learn more about our XR/VR/AR capabilities: 0:00 – Introduction by Hemanth Sampath, Senior Director, Engineering 0:35 – Demo 1: Boundless AR 2:57 – Demo 2: 5G cloud gaming 5:17 – Demo 3: mmWave cooperative sensing 7:19 – Demo 4: Secure services beyond data


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