Metaverse is booming in 2022: how DeFi will change everything

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#metaverse #nfts #defi #opportunities #giveaway #dao #metapoly The metaverse and NFT market has grown a lot in the last year, now we are waiting for the next big wave. In this video we will discuss what is needed in order to boom and how DeFi can play a big role in it. To win a WL spot comment with WL Metapoly Links: Defi Daily every day a new video about DeFi: news, tutorial, and analysis. 500$ CLEANCARBON GIVEAWAY: Are you looking for further and specific support: Contacts: Telegram: Telegram news channel: Useful links: Sorare: Celsius for up to 1180$ BONUS: 25$ BONUS + up to 10% APY: FTX 5% discount on fees: 00:00 Metaverse, NFTS, DeFi, opportunities, problems, possible solutions, and my thoughts about it 01:55 The chart from DeFi Lama 02:49 A big growth 03:08 What we need to solve, the main problems related to NFT and Metaverese 04:29 What we need in order to solve this problem DeFi 04:51 A big trend 05:27 The project that I wanna talk about today 06:02 LINK IN THE CORNER interview 06:05 The reason why we are talking again about Metapoly 07:29 The dynamics: how they are trying to solve 07:39 A DAO model 08:01 What is peculiar, a wider vision 08:38 My opinion about DAOS 08:58 To solve the liquidity problem with NFT, a new stable coin: USM 10:06 The big advantage for this protocol 10:57 A step zero 11:54 What they are trying to do in order to empower the whole system 12:!1 An opportunity 13:07 How the launch works 14:13 The reason why it is interesting, is a specific requirement 15:21 Just to summarize 15:44 In order to participate to the whitelist 16:20 Conclusion


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