Metaverse games are EXPLODING

Giancarlo buys tokens
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Metaverse games have had a great year. Many tokens are up 10-100x, and now developers and major publishers are announcing plans to integrate NFTs into their games. In this video I’m going to talk about why we’re just getting started. Specifically, I’ll discuss all the ways that players will benefit from the coming wave of crypto games, using practical examples from existing projects that are already out there (Axie Infinity, Illuvium, Wolf Game, Gala Games, Loot etc.). I also talk about three main strategies for investing in this new ecosystem. Follow me on twitter: — YGG twitter thread: — 0:00 start here 1:30 this industry is MASSIVE 2:01 however here’s the problem… 4:02 the biggest changes coming 6:10 NFTs are portable – important 8:17 two ways to make money while playing 10:09 owning the games themselves 10:50 how fast will this all change 11:20 investing strategy #1 12:17 investing strategy #2 12:40 investing strategy #3 13:24 what I look for


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