Metaverse (Facebook) has a Dark Secret…

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Metaverse, Meta, Facebook has a dark secret exposed by employee that worked at the largest social media company in the world, Facebook, in advertising operations, and yes, they are listening and spying on its users and people. Does Facebook and Meta listen and spy on its customers and people using it? Yes. The truth about the major conspiracy theory. “Tell me a company’s secret that you can share because you don’t work there anymore” TikTok challenge where employees and workers expose businesses and companies they previously, used to work at and sharing their experiences while exposing the truth and conspiracies! Social media is spying on you and stealing and gathering your information. These major social media corporations often know you more than you know yourself. The lengths they go to to get your private and personal information is scary! Thank you so much for watching and supporting Banger Videos! Banger Videos Merch: Banger Videos Twitter: Banger Videos presents all types of unique, funny, interesting viral videos from all social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, TV, the internet, etc. The best, funniest, top videos on the internet! From funny & comedy, to scary & crazy, and everything in between! Celebrities, YouTubers, Influencers, documentaries, news, sports, cats, dogs, pets, and animals. Happy, unique, interesting, educational, fun, hilarious, positive videos and sometimes more serious topics. Random videos without much rhyme or reason. I sift through the internet so you don’t have to! Banger Videos reviews videos and shares the ones that are qualified to be certified bangers! #facebook #meta #metaverse #conspiracies #conspiracytheory #conspiracytheories #Facebook #Meta #socialmedia #exposed #thetruth #truth #scandal #tea #news #secrets #secret #confidential #leaked #spy #scary #thinkaboutit


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