METAVERSE 4 Food Businesses That Are Innovating In 2022

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This week on Foodverge we explain the metaverse, the multiple elements of technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users “live” within a digital universe. Metaverse food is becoming a real thing as food businesses try to grab a piece of this new world. Then we look at how food companies are currently innovating in the metaverse or foodverse and how they are using it to interact with their customers and grow their businesses. Check out our free full report on the emergence of ghost kitchens, vertical farms and more here: My name is Jack and I will be releasing weekly videos on future food trends and how they will impact the food industry. Subscribe for more Chapters: 0:00 Overview & What is the Metaverse? 0:49 Chiptole 2:01 Sublimotion 2:36 Wendy’s 3:24 OneRare


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