Meet BLU in the MetaVerse of Xanadu

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Our continued coverage of the MetaVerse and an interesting project that our own Anarchy made us aware of has captured my imagination! Let’s meet Blu! SUPPORT DG360: PATREON ► YOUTUBE ► SUPPORTERS get Exclusive Access to: Monthly Giveaways The DG360 Podcast Loyalty Badges & Emoticons IRL Vlogs Members Only Posts BUY DG360 MERCH: ► DG360’s SOCIAL MEDIA: DISCORD ► TWITCH ► TWITTER ► FBOOK ► STEAM ► Our Art Director: Discord: Anarchyburger99 Contact on Twitter: Highly recommend! DG360 Sponsors: Predator Mounts – Use Code: DG360 for 5% OFF International Shipping Java Momma – U.S. Shipping Only Credits: My alter ego’s about to live large in the Metaverse! Xanadu begins! Ep0 by @xanadu


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