Mark Zuckerberg Explains Metaverse

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What happens to every single brand in the world when Meta manifests itself into a paella of Soonami from the movie ‘Free Guy’, OASIS from Ernest Cline’s novel ‘Ready Player One’, and Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’? If you think the big four have a monopoly now, wait for this to unwind. To a 21-year-old, how alluring will the 2D photoshoots of your products remain compared to a world which allows you to digitally try it on while going to that Live VR show by BTS? For the Alphas—the next generation after Gen-Z—what Facebook did to Yahoo chat rooms, Metaverse will do to Facebook. Virtual space will become the real space of growth even the present world wide web can’t fathom. In 2004, everyone thought, who in their right mind would prefer virtual friends over real ones? Cut to 17 years later, Facebook has 2.9 billion active monthly users. This Metaverse comes with some shiny features. Two examples stand out from Zuckerberg’s launch speech. “Imagine standing on the streets, hearing the sounds, visiting the markets, to get a sense of the rhythm of life over 2,000 years ago.” “Teleporting around the metaverse is going to be like clicking a link on the web.” After two years of seeing what Covid-19 can do to their lives, would Gen-Z want to share immersive experiences even when apart? You bet. Join our community: Discord: ClubHouse: Facebook Group: YouTube: Contact Avi: Gmail: Facebook: Linked In:


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