Inside Daler Mehndi’s Balle Balle Land

Daler Mehndi
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PartyNite, India का अपना Metaverse (India’s very own Metaverse), is all set to launch Daler Mehndi’s Balle Balle Land. Larger than life Daler Mehndi avatar will inaugurate Balle Balle Land. Special Paintball arena is planned. The Daler Mehndi Store will soon open here. Balle Balle Land Passport NFT will also be dropped during this event. Future events, music concerts will happen in this land. Being deeply connected with the Indian soil, Daler Mehndi was the go to choice for PartyNite to showcase its Indian metaverse to the world. Hyderabad based game studio Gamitronics has created this metaverse with playable NFTs powered by blockchain. Download for Android & Windows from Best Experienced on PC! PartyNite is an exciting digital parallel universe (powered by blockchain) to hangout with your friends as customisable avatars & have fun exploring new worlds, meeting new people, joining parties, attending events, playing games, claiming – minting – selling playable NFTs, dancing, listening to music, having a drink or as simple as just talking. Come join us. Life’s a party, get a life here! #balleballeland #dalermehndi #thedalermehndistore _________________________________________________________ For Enquiries Contact : Email : Whatsapp : +91 9811247247 For more updates: Subscribe on: Follow Daler Mehndi: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –… Website- _________________________________________________________


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