Illuvium: The AAA Blockchain Metaverse coming soon

Chad | Gen Zero Crypto
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Illuvium will be a collectible, auto-battler game and it looks amazing! Each Illuvial has its own bonding curve so this game is going to reward early players, because as an illuvial is discovered the remaining available illuvials become more scarce. Additionally, you can fuse Illuvials which will also have an effect on the supply and demand mechanics. Want to see more content like this? Like the video (it helps with the algo) Let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments Share the video with someone else! Haven’t had enough? Follow me here: IG: C2P0 @Chad2p0 Twitter: C2P0 @Chad2p0 Podcast: C2P0 Blog: C2P0 @chad2p0 Copyright © C2P0 2020 ~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER This video is based on my personal experiences with finance, investing and economics. I’ve committed 10 years to educate myself on these subjects through books, seminars and conversations. I recognise that others will have different experiences and thoughts to the ones I share, so please keep that in mind when viewing. None of the information in this video is financial advice.


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