How to get your own private island in the Metaverse!

Daniel Verloop
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Meta Island (https// is a Metaverse private island project and gives you the opportunity to become the proud owner of a virtual private island! The Metaverse is the future of the internet and most of our lives will take place in this unstoppable augmented and virtual reality. Owning a private island in the Metaverse will not only bring you pride and joy, it will also be a huge source of income. Think hosting parties on your island, setting up shop to sell digital merchandise, renting your island out to companies for presentations & expositions and so on! Meta Island also promises to be a state that introduces reversed taxation. In other words, just by simply owning an island you will share in the profits that Meta Island makes! The Metaverse is going to be our future reality so imagine picking up your friends in a speedboat to take them to your own private island and enjoy an amazing stay. Meta Island’s possibilities are endless! Big companies and names such as Adidas, Snoop Dogg and PWC are buying up Metaverse land for millions because they know this is where we are heading. The good news is you can still buy you own piece of Metaverse land in the form of an amazing private island for prices that are still very low compared to most Metaverse real estate. Grab this opportunity of a lifetime before these islands will also cost millions, which will very likely happen sooner than later! Visit for more information


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