How Metaverse Works? | Secrets of Metaverse

Dhruv Rathee
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After Facebook got rebranded to Meta, the concept ‘Metaverse’ has been trending every day. But what exactly is Metaverse? What is Mark Zuckerburg trying to do? What all technologies are involved in its creation? How do Cryptocurrencies are involved in this? Is it really of any use? Does it pose any threats like privacy? Is it a fad? I answer all these questions in this video. Crypto is affordable with CoinSwitch. Buy and sell Bitcoin and other Crypto with just Rs.100 on CoinSwitch, India’s largest Crypto app! Download the app: To know more about crypto’s future in India – Knowledge Partners: CoinSwitch Kuber —————————————————- DOWNLOAD MY APP: Android app: iOS App: MY FAVOURITE EQUIPMENT: Studio Camera: Studio Camera Lens: Vlogging Camera: 🥢 Vlogging Tripod: Podcast Mic: MY FAVOURITE BOOKS: Sapiens – Homo Deus – Mahatma Gandhi – Juli’s Hindi Learning Book – FOLLOW ME ON: Telegram: Instagram: Twitter: ▶️ Youtube Channel: Vlog Channel: MORE VIDEOS: Ground Reports: 🇺🇳 International Issues: Finance Videos: Educational Videos: 🇮🇳 Indian Issues: My Vlogs: —————————————————- 00:00 – Introduction 01:14 – What is Metaverse 05:14 – Technologies of Metaverse 09:50 – When we can get Metaverse 12:37 – Is Metaverse useless? 14:40 – Conclusion


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