Fortnite Becomes An NFT Play To Earn Game?!? How Fortnite

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Fortnite is one of the largest games on the planet! If it decided to become an NFT play to earn game it would have huge implications for the metaverse of NFT games! Let’s discuss together how they could make Fortnite into a play to earn NFT game! DISCORD ►► TWITTER ►► PEAKD BLOG ►► ______________________________________________________________________________________ Support the Channel! CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP ►► FIAT TIPS ►► CRYPTO TIPS ►► ______________________________________________________________________________________ FORTNITE BECOMING A NFT GAME? HOW WOULD IT WORK? Fortnite is one of the largest games in the world with over 25 million active players each day. But What would happen if it became a NFT game with it’s own metaverse? How could it work to turn Fortnite into a play to earn game on blockchain technology? Let’s theory craft together and see how it could work… (intro vid). Blockchain, NFT and play to earn gaming technology is still in it’s infancy stages but has seen tremendous early adoption from many gamers and investors in 2021. Many gamers outside of the crypto world actually hate NFT gaming seeing the headlines of scams, poorly designed games, and the negative impact that NFTs have on the environment from one of the most popular blockchains Etherum. However before you dismiss the video and idea completely, think about being able to play Fortnite and selling off your hard earned skins, items and Vbucks from your battle pass. A lot of people already play fortnite for hours each day. Imagine turning taking that time spent playing fortnite each month and being able to cash out $250 of rewards each month to buy other videos games, pay off your bills, or buy other items in Fortnite you love. Wouldn’t that be a great added bonus to playing Fortnite so much? So let’s discuss how Fortnite could become a NFT game. Honestly it’s probably easier than you think. First Epic Games would have to put Fortnite onto a blockchain. Now as I said earlier most gamers only have heard of Etherum that has crazy high fees to use and uses up a lot of energy for transactions on the blockchain. However there are plenty of other blockchains that have almost no fees, run faster, and are built well for gaming. While some of the gaming blockchains such as hive, phantasma, wax or solana may not be ready for millions of Fortnite players right away, these blockchains could scale over time, keep the transaction fees almost to nothing, and have very little environmental impact. Once Fortnite is put onto the blockchain, Vbucks can now become a crypto currency that players can buy, sell, stake and earn interest, amongst other things. Instead of players buying Vbucks from Epic Games, players can now sell extra Vbucks from their battle pass rewards to other players and receive real world value. Now let’s talk about adding NFTs. Those skins you normally buy or earn from Epic, those skins are actually just rented from the game. You don’t actually own those assets. You can’t sell them, rent them, or transfer them to your friends. And if epic decided to ban your fortnite account for any reason, you’d lose access to all those skins you have. If Fortnite is added to a blockchain, all those skins and items you earn now are NFT assets that you own in your crypto wallet. As you and other players progress in your battle pass, you will earn these NFTs that you can use in the game, sell them, rent them, or transfer them to your friends. Once that battle pass season has finished, those skins will never be made again, meaning if only 1 million players finish the next seasons battle pass, you could potentially own a rare skin like Dwayne the Rock Johnson that might sell for thousands of dollars in a few years from now when other players want to collect or use the skin that they can no longer earn. Really it’s similar to how the battle pass from the game Blankos Block Party works right now. The point of NFT play to earn gaming is to share the wealth of the game between players, investors and the developers. We talked about how players could earn through battle pass rewards, but how would Epic Games continue to make money if they aren’t the ones selling Vbucks and NFTs? No game company can survive without making money. Of course Epic Games would still be the ones to sell the battle passes earning them money each season. They could even raise the price a little bit since players can earn back real world value from purchasing the pass and playing the game. What Epic Games also could do is set a 5% market fee on transactions that take place. #nftgaming #splinterlands #blockchaingaming #cryptogaming #playtoearn #play2earn


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