Experiencing the Metaverse VR With Mark Zuckerberg

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Today let’s experience the metaverse VR with Mark Zuckerberg. If you want to watch this funny 360 video from surreal entertainment check it out here – https://youtu.be/Ibm3WhfLk08 All credit for the original 360 video goes to surreal entertainment. Subscribe To Keep Up To Date On All Things VR And Oculus Quest! – http://bit.ly/bmfvrsubscribe To order a brand new 128GB Oculus Quest 2 head over here – https://bit.ly/3sJFCGr Links: Grab the MUST HAVE VRCover For Quest 2 Here – http://bit.ly/VRcoverQ2 Check out my other Oculus Quest Videos – http://bit.ly/bmfvr For business inquiries please email: matt@bmfvr.com #Metaverse #ExploreWithQuest #VR


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