Episode 188: The Future Church in the Metaverse

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Zuckerberg did it. With the announcement of the new parent company, META, Zuckerberg has made Facebook extremely relevant as they announced their dreams for the METAVERSE. For those unaware, the metaverse comprises of virtual reality worlds, augmented reality, digital assets and physical space all isolated or seamlessly blended together in some sort of a mixed reality. Crazy? With Facebook $$$ you can bet the Metaverse is going to expand big time. It’s important to realize, the Metaverse is already a thing. What we’re talking about here isn’t new. Zuck didn’t create the Metaverse. He’s just going to pour a ton of money into it, creating better tools for community. The community is already there. The question is will the church take this opportunity to be the church in the new METAVERSE community. Listen in on the on-demand recording of Jeff’s Livestream, where he talks about the future church and the opportunities of the METAVERSE.


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