Dematerialized ApeDad 2662 Gets Lost In the Fabric of the

Lost In The Metaverse
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How Did ApeDad 2662 Become Lost In The Metaverse? …When the gorilla drone soldiers suddenly appeared and shot ApeDad 2662 with a quantum radiation frequency tuned for de-materialization, he was flattened into two dimensions, pixelated and stripped down to only his essential black and white dots. He began experiencing every possible version of himself and then suddenly disappeared completely…. 2662 was now everywhere and nowhere, everything and nothing, he became hopelessly lost in the fabric of the Metaverse. Read the full Graphic Short Story and Check out the new ApeDad 2662: Lost In The Metaverse NFT Collection! (Minting Live 3/22/22) ApeDad 2662 has sent a very special message just for you: You are an Ape. You’ve been on a long journey in search of answers to the meaning of your existence. You’ve come to accept that you’re nothing but a vast collection of data. You know you want to master the digital world so that you can be free to live securely in the physical world. But now you will discover a deeper truth, that the physical world is but a gateway to endless metaphysical worlds whose only limits are your imagination. So…what are you waiting for? MINTING LIVE 3/22/22 Social: Twitter: Discord: Original Music Composed for the ApeDad 2662: Lost in the Metaverse Collection Hope you enjoyed the video! Please show your support by liking and subscribing to the channel so we can grow a strong and united community. Thank you for watching and see you in the Metaverse! Unity, Peace and Blessings Tags: #apedad #nft #discord, #reveal, #mint, #rarity,, #nft projects, #new nft project, #ape nft project, #apedads nft, #ApeDad2662, #apedadsnft, #metaverse, #nftcrypto #profit #invest #investing #nftcollection #apedadnftdiscord #nftprojects #apedadnft #apedadnftrarity #metaverse


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