Decentralized Betting & Gaming In the Metaverse?

Stocks and Investing with Pounding The Table
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Nat Harooni is joined by VK founder of Double Dice to discuss the new world of gambling and gaming in the metaverse. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Get updates or reach out to get updates on our social media profiles! Twitter: DISCLAIMER: All of PTT Network trades, strategies, and news coverage are based on our own opinions and made for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you are watching this, please DO NOT take any of this content as guidance for buying or selling any type of investment or security. The PTT Network are not financial advisors, and anything said on our YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, or any other media should not be seen as financial advice. PTT Network are just sharing their own opinions. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of risks associated with investing in the stock market so do your own research and due diligence before making any investment decisions. This is the only way you can earn the right to pound the table on a stock and gain high conviction in a stock. #Metaverse #Gambling #DoubleDice


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