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This. is. TPH. Web3 Fundamentals! Welcome to the 5th Learning session of Web3 Fundamentals by The Product House – the flagship Web3.0 fundamentals learning programme! First of all, pat yourselves on the back for making it through. You’ve taken the first step to excel and grow in understanding the future, and this is as big as it gets! We will understand the basics of Metaverse in this session. Sai Krishna will take this session and explain the need, purpose and guidelines to get started in the ecosystem. Please share your feedback in the comments section! Do reach us at to help us make this better : Also, if you like what we are doing, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel and show us some love πŸ™‚ We are a click away on: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: Join Us on our Linkedin Community: Join our Discord Community : Also, register for Web3.0 fundamental series here:- Until the next session, Adios. Stay safe!!


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