Bitcoin Genesis Block turns 13, Shanghai metaverse plan, SE Asia

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On this episode of #CGPulse, we give you the latest digital currency and blockchain news from around the world: Shanghai becomes the first city in China to include the metaverse, following Beijing’s 5-year plan. China is currently the top country with metaverse trademark applications. In Southeast Asia, we have good news and bad news. China’s crypto trading and mining ban sets off Bitcoin mining activities in Thailand, resulting in the growth of miners in the country to about 100,000. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, police confiscated over 1,700 Bitcoin mining machines. This week, we celebrate the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block, aka Block #0, which works as the anchor and reference point for every other block that followed. Watch the video for more and #NevermissaBitcoinBeat here at CoinGeek Pulse. ========================================================================== Subscribe to the CoinGeek channel to watch more CoinGeek videos on Bitcoin and blockchain. ========================================================================= Sign up for our newsletter to get CoinGeek get the latest cryptocurrency news and blockchain information! Interested in learning about Bitcoin and blockchain? Read our Bitcoin for Beginners section here: If you have a Bitcoin SV Project idea, we’d like to know about it. Submit your Bitcoin investment idea so we can launch your business right away! Be part of the next CoinGeek Conference. ========================================================================== Get more information about Bitcoin SV today! BuyBSV using your credit card.


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