the hume collective
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On December 4th, 2021 at Art Basel Miami angelbaby made history. Their live metaverse performance of “NFT” at Fluf Haus was a cultural moment solidifying their place as the world’s first Metastar. angelbaby is a member of the hume collective and beloved Metastar of @flufworld We consciously decided not to delete any footage of the Xani Republic’s hack into the performance. It is a statement that nothing will stop angelbaby and the hume collective from their mission to preserve open expression in the physical world and open metaverse. We are hume. We are many Watch the NFT Official Lyric Video: angelbaby’s NFT – Afterparty Scene: angelbaby’s NFT – NFT Sound: Follow angelbaby Twitter: Follow hume Twitter: #angelbaby #NFT #ArtBaselMiami


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