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Listen to the full episode here: Alien Worlds is the world’s largest NFT game to date, with roughly as many users engaged in this decentralized NFT metaverse as the country of Bhutan has people. Learn how this came to be as Jeff Kelly, Ethan Janney, and Josh Krieger speak with Sarojini McKenna, who is one of the founders of Alien Worlds and the CEO of Dacoco. Tune in as Saro takes us through her journey in cryptocurrency, her introduction to NFTs, and the exciting new directions that Alien Worlds is taking. Plus, on today’s hot topics: massive sales numbers in MekaVerse’s NFT launch, why FTX’s upcoming marketplace is avoiding NFTs that offer royalties, and a chess grandmaster that received first NFT trophy in the sport’s history. ________________________________________________________________________ More from Edge of NFT: Website: iTunes:… Spotify:… Website: Twitter: @edgeofnft YouTube: @edgeofnft Facebook: @edgeofnft Instagram: @edgeofnft LinkedIn: Edge of NFT Podcast Reddit: EdgeofNFT Telegram: Edge of NFT Announcements This content is paid for by Alien Worlds, the creators of Edge of NFT will be compensated to support the production costs associated with the program. We are very selective when deciding who to have on these shows but we’re learning as we go just like you. The views expressed are for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to serve as an endorsement or investment advice. You are urged to due to your own research as well as consult a reputable financial advisor before making any investment or purchase decision.


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