7 ways to invest in the METAVERSE

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Description Welcome to the Metaverse, a futuristic land where you can have it all. In this new world you can play games, hang out with friends and even make a living while you’re at it! Okay, sounds cool right? But how do you actually invest in it? In this video I break down 7 ways you can invest in the Metaverse. I explore the method and the madness to each of these options so you can figure out which (if any…) are right for your portfolio. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy this video. As always feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! Hosted by: Kylie Purcell Resources Research on Metaverse themes 1: https://www.syzgroup.com/en/how-invest-metaverse Research on Metaverse themes 2: https://www.ballmetaverse.co/ How and where to buy MVI: https://coinclarity.com/coin/metaverse-index/ Guide to decentralised exchanges: https://www.finder.com.au/decentralised-cryptocurrency-exchanges Chapters 0:00 Market opportunity What does the metaverse look like? Is the metaverse the future? Stats on the metaverse. Projected growth of the metaverse. How big will the Metaverse be? Facebook and $META name change. Metaverse and cryptocurrency. Big projects and scams. How do you invest in the Metaverse? 7 ways to invest in the Metaverse + downsides and risks for investing. 1:46 Metaverse Stocks (ETFS) Broad diversified basket of Metaverse ETFs. The Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (“META ETF.”) Nvidia. Meta. Roblox. Downsides of investing in the Metaverse ETF? 2:57 Metaverse Stocks (Individual) Investing in the companies building the Metaverse. Look into key themes like platform, gaming, graphics cards. 3:55 Ethereum Good for broad exposure to the Metaverse. Many Metaverse apps built on Ethereum. Downsides of Ethereum? 4:43 Tokens (ETFS) Crypto Index Funds. Coinspot option and MVI. Metaverse Index (MVI) IndexCoop. Illuvium, Axie, Enjin and Sandbox. Using a decentralised exchange? 5:49 Tokens (Large Cap) Invest directly into crypto tokens. What is a token explained? Using Coinmarket cap to sort through coins. How to invest in tokens? Problems and risks with these tokens. 7:21 Tokens (Small-mid cap) Speculative high risk high return options. Many of these could go to zero. 7:58 Metaverse Digital Assets Investing in in game and in world assets like avatars, wearables, crypto land and art. Is crypto real estate legit? What is the purpose of digital land? Benefits and risks of Metaverse assets. Can very risky due to in game economies. 10:00 Investing game plan Considerations for an metaverse investing strategy. Considering how technology plays out and what is beyond the horizon. Looking into the future of the Metaverse. #metaverse #crypto #tokens


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