4 LAUNCHERS in 1 SERVER! (Crazy)

Squid Magic
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4 LAUNCHERS in 1 SERVER! (Crazy) | ROBLOX METAVERSE Roblox Admin, Developer, Video star and MVP in 1 SERVER ► USE STAR CODE SQUID Socials: ► Twitter – @SquidMagicYT ► Discord – @VTGz9h8 I recently join my friend in Roblox metaverse and I randomly find 4 different crate launchers in the Roblox game. Join me as I get all the crates in 1 server. If you guys want free crates join me in Roblox, my Roblox username is Foolzy. Roblox metaverse is the Roblox egg hunt 2021 but evolved. Unlock crates across a lot of Roblox games in the Roblox metaverse. At the end of the event the crates will turn into hats #roblox #metaverse #squidmagic


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