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MetaCity M
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「MetaCity M」is the world’s first metaverse mobile game! Any player can enter and enjoy the game experience for “free” without any “requirement”. Each planet has a total of more than 1,600 towns, 690 second class cities, and 55 first class cities with a huge world of more than 510 million square kilometers! In here, you can be neighbors with your friends, drive, walk or fly to explore and travel around the world! You can climb mountains to watch the sunrise and experience 4 different seasons. You can also take a spacecraft to visit players on other planets! In the Metaverse game world, players need to improve their life skills and together with other players develop their own city! Every day is a whole new exploration and challenge! Want to experience an exciting second life? In the world of MetaCity M, we make real life fantasy possible! ————————————————– 【Welcome to MetaCity M!】 https://metacitym.com/   【Follow us on other Social Media】 ️ https://www.facebook.com/mcm.gamamobi https://www.instagram.com/metacitym/https://twitter.com/MetaCityM https://t.me/metacitym https://discord.gg/JEFGR2FRt9 Opensea: 【MetaCity M OG ‍】https://opensea.io/collection/metacitym Opensea: 【MetaCity M Land 】https://opensea.io/collection/metacitymlandtitan #MetaCityM #Metaverse #GameFi #NFT


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