Purchases Landmark Parcels in the SuperWorld Metaverse

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Corp. (NEO Exchange Canada: COIN) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: 76M) (OTCQB US: SMURF) (“” or “the Company”), a publicly-traded company that invests in Web3 crypto assets and businesses linked to the Metaverse and NFTs, is pleased to share that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has purchased 40 digital real estate parcels in the SuperWorld Metaverse.

SuperWorld is a virtual world digitally mapped over Planet Earth. Plots of SuperWorld land are represented as non-fungible tokens corresponding to physical world space. Any user in SuperWorld can explore and create augmented reality content mapped over the physical world, engage in a virtual real estate marketplace, or buy and sell NFTs in the SuperWorld NFT Salon.

Metaverse Group has secured SuperWorld landmark locations including the Central Park Zoo, the Eden Fine Art Gallery in Manhattan, the Pelican Hotel in Miami Beach, and the Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas to name a few.

“We are excited to expand our Metaverse real estate portfolio to SuperWorld,” commented Andrew Kiguel, CEO and Executive Chair of Metaverse Group. “These landmark properties will attract visitor traffic that is attractive to our growing client base.”

“I’m thrilled to welcome Metaverse Group and their world-class portfolio to the SuperWorld platform,” says SuperWorld Co-Founder & CEO Hrish Lotlikar. “With the purchase of these 40 landmark locations on our platform, Metaverse Group puts itself at the vanguard of the virtual real estate space, and will serve as a catalyst for bringing more brands, organizations and individuals into the Metaverse.”

Metaverse Group’s virtual real estate portfolio spans across seven of the most popular virtual worlds, including: Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox, among others. The company is continuously adding parcels to its portfolio to provide brands with more opportunities to launch their Metaverse marketing strategies. is the only publicly-traded company that has extensive exposure to Metaverse real estate with paying tenants. Its virtual real estate generates revenue through digital advertising and from retailers setting up virtual storefronts.

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About Corp is a publicly traded Web3 company that owns and invests in an inventory of Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and gaming based digital assets.’s focus is to invest in and build Web3 businesses through its primary entity and subsidiaries. is the majority owner of Metaverse Group, one of the world’s first virtual real estate companies. Hulk Labs, a wholly-owned subsidiary, focuses on investing in play-to-earn revenue generating gaming tokens and NFTs. Additionally, owns and stakes crypto assets to earn additional tokens. Through its growing digital assets and NFTs, provides public market investors with a simple and secure way to gain exposure to Web3.

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About Metaverse Group

The Metaverse Group is a vertically integrated NFT based Metaverse real estate company. The group, with its global headquarters in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley, also owns an eight figure real estate portfolio across many leading virtual worlds. The company intends to continue to purchase, develop and rent out its portfolio of real estate assets., a publicly-traded company, is the majority owner of Metaverse Group.

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About SuperWorld

The SuperWorld virtual real estate platform is mapped over the entire surface of the globe, allowing users to purchase any place on Earth. From virtual real estate encompassing skyscrapers and stadiums to historical monuments and iconic structures including wonders of the natural world, when you step into SuperWorld, you’ll truly make a world of your own.

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