Metaverse-themed Blockchain Gaming Company, MetaBlaze, Announces Upcoming A.M.A Session

The cryptocurrency industry is a confusing and ever-changing space that’s filled with new terminology. One of the most popular acronyms in this field? Well, it just so happens to be “AMA and KYC.” The full form Ask-Me-Anything can refer to either an informal question & answer session between two individuals or large groups, as well as being used for thorough discussions about various topics within the crypto culture. On the other hand, KYC is an acronym that stands for “know your customer.” It refers to the obligations of carrying out certain identity checks on its clients/customers/investors, before allowing them access to products or platforms offered by that company.

Furthermore, MetaBlaze has retained the leading Blockchain Security Company, CertiK, to perform a security and functionality audit on the MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) Smart Contract. Aside from the audit, the founding members have also undergone KYC with CertiK (Know-Your-Customer) and have opted to implement a 24/7 operating security monitoring service known as Skynet Monitoring, a newly introduced service provided and managed by CertiK. Know Your Customer compliance is required by law for banks, lenders, insurance providers, and other financial and monetary institutions of all sizes. Cryptocurrency exchanges currently fall within a bit of a gray area when it comes to KYC compliance, but MetaBlaze is taking the position to follow traditional regulations in this regard.

MetaBlaze: A.M.A Details
The founding team will join a voice chat hosted by a third party, the A.M.A is open to the public and can host up to 200,000 listeners. The A.M.A will be hosted in a popular cryptocurrency group on the platform, Telegram. To access the A.M.A, visit the MetaBlaze Telegram channel. The MetaBlaze team will provide brief introductions, discuss the overall project roadmap, and shed detailed information on the continued development and marketing plans. Community members will have the opportunity to ask any questions to the MetaBlaze team. It is certainly a great opportunity to get to know the team behind the scenes.

The MetaBlaze community appears to be growing rapidly despite being a new company officially announcing its mission only 4 months ago. MetaBlaze has grown its Telegram group upwards of 20,000 members from across the globe and a collective following nearing 70,000. MetaBlaze is currently in its initial token offering, a public presale where consumers can purchase tokens at discounted rates before listing on public exchanges. Presale participants receive a 10% MBLZ Token bonus with any purchase amount and have an opportunity to acquire a Passive Yield Generating NFT. The MetaBlaze presale has been open for 18 days and nearing completion as the fundraising target is at +90% completion. To learn more about MetaBlaze or to Join the Presale, visit the MetaBlaze website.

A DeFi and GameFi cryptocurrency utility token designed for the Metaverse. 

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