Yuga Labs Are Building An Interoperable Gaming Metaverse MetaRPG

Twitter user @LeonidasNFT recently tweeted a supposedly ‘leaked’ Yuga Labs pitch deck. Within the long Twitter thread, there were many juicy details on the company’s current positioning, direction, past achievements, collaborations, events, and many more. According to the pitch deck, one key focus is to build something that expands the BAYC universe, including the NFT community at large. Their answer: a gaming metaverse known as MetaRPG.

Yuga Labs MetaRPGInteroperability is key. Credit: @LeonidasNFT

Can MetaRPG Work?

Basically, the company identified various issue within the NFT space today. Tons of NFT and metaverse projects are operating in silos, using their own strategies and methodologies. If this goes on, the virtual world will be more and more fragmented, rendering the whole point of the metaverse moot.

Throughout the years, there have been multiple strong communities that have banded together for decades. One good example would be in the gaming industry. For instance, Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft have built strong communities that are actually fun to be a part of. Therefore, Yuga Labs is integrating this approach in their interoperable gaming metaverse instead of the “siloed” approach. Hence, MetaRPG.

The allegedly leaked pitch deck also explained why they think their metaverse approach will succeed. Yuga Labs has already established a strong position within the space, one that the current culture is obsessed with. As big as BAYC is, the MetaRPG will be bigger and better, making other metaverses obsolete.

Assuming this pitch deck is legit, Yuga Labs will build a brand new gaming experience where players can use their own NFT characters as in-game assets. Furthermore, the company will launch a software development kit to help developers and creators to build NFTs for any community. Consequently, their in-game marketplace will eventually have an infinite ecosystem. Inside, there will be new characters, new digital wearables, and new game development.

And Now The Juicy Stuff

Yuga Labs’ latest teaser showed a few possible introductions to a new project launching in April 2022. This leaked pitch deck actually contains screenshots of that teaser video, with explanations that the community is begging for. According to the description, Kodas, the last remaining celestial race, is bringing the Bored Apes and other interoperable NFTs into a strange new land.

This new game will feature 200k land plots in total. Half of which will be allocated to the Genesis drop. Of this half, 30% will go to BAYC and MAYC holders, whereas the remaining land will go to the public sale. In each plot of land, there will be random natural resources, rare artifacts, and maybe even a Koda. As there are only 10,000 Kodas, only 5% of land owners will be lucky enough to get them.

Yuga Labs MetaRPGCheck out this roadmap! Credit: @LeonidasNFTYuga Labs MetaRPGYuga Labs’ financials. Credit: @LeonidasNFT

Finally, the deck includes the future roadmap for this project, strategic investments for 2022, and also a brief financial report. Again, assuming that this deck is legit, the community will finally get insider insights into a leading NFT project. How cool is that!

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