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Multi-Chain Shooter Game Epic War Welcomes Players to the Epic Metaverse – “Epicverse”Multi-Chain Shooter Game Epic War Welcomes Players to the Epic Metaverse – “Epicverse”

First-person shooters (FPS), a popular genre in the videogame industry, account for more than one-fifth all sales. As such, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see action-oriented releases making their way onto the blockchain.

As the cryptocurrency gaming community has expanded at an incredible rate, players are now able to earn passive income through completing quests, trading NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and winning in-game fights. The most well-known play-to earn release, was recently valued at $4 billion.

Gamified finance might seem like an odd concept but it’s quickly found an audience, and releases are becoming slicker as creative studios invest in gameplay that can satisfy hardcore players. The blockchain was only a matter time before an old-fashioned first-person shooter game appeared. If Epic War’s developers are correct, it will surpass all your expectations.

A Cinematic Shoot ‘Em Up

Epic War is the sci-fi blockchain-based FPS that features Triple-A graphics. The appeal of Epic War lies in its blend of artistic innovation with sophisticated free-to–play-to–earn integrations. Rather than being built on a single network, the 3D shooter will go live on several of them (BSC, , Polygon and NEAR) in a bid to put players in the driver’s seat.

Characterised by its vividly diverse environments and a vast in-game economy, Epic War is conceived as a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS), one that compels gamers to join the revolutionary army and throw themselves into dangerous missions against both ‘monster bosses’ and other players in the Open World Gameplay like Elden Ring.

Epic War takes place in an hostile, scorched wasteland created by the nuclear holocaust that occurred on Planet Kepler-22b. The players must work together to defeat all evil forces and monsters. Players can get tokens and NFTs for completing challenges and winning matches. They also have the option to trade and rent sought-after material (maps. weapons. etc.) through the integrated peer-to–peer marketplace. You can even create your own NFTs or stake assets in order to generate yield.

Epic War success offers more than just bragging rights for console gamers. It is a different story. Epic War players are more likely to win rare gears and weapons if they are more efficient on the battlefield. The Unity Engine’s powerful gameplay makes it easy to customize scifi warriors.

Free-to-Play, Free-to-Earn

The real-time strategy game was co-developed by a team of blockchain lab and game studios from Vietnam to Japan, ensuring a pleasant synergy between the title’s gaming and crypto elements. In the case of the last, the $EWAR native token acts as the default single currency. This can then be used for all game goods. Tokens can also be converted via crypto exchanges and cashed out, or used to influence the game’s direction itself. Like other games, Epic War grants token holders oversight rights through the eponymous DAO Council.

Epic War, unlike most play-to earn games, does not charge an initial fee. The players don’t have to pay a penny and can still enjoy the PvE game, receive random NFT drops, buy or rent material, as well as earn token rewards for their efforts on Planet Kepler-22b. Full-paid players can still battle with other players, and make token bets as to the outcome.

Epic War is designed to be played on PC or mobile. The beta PvE version and the PvP version will debut soon. It allows players to try out the integrated marketplace as well as the stake system. A full launch will be made in Q3 prior to the start of the PvP tournaments.

It is likely that first-person shooters are just as popular as in other genres. After all, who doesn’t love slaying two-headed mutants with shoulder cannons? Epic War, the nightmarish horror story of epic destruction builds upon what’s been done before and introduces lucrative defi options into a new state-of-the art gaming world. You can lock and load.

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